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I did a lesson using authentic English from the British newspaper ‘The Daily Mail’.

The article is about Ed Stafford, a British ex-army captain, who walked

Ed Stafford took two years to walk the length of the amazon

the length of the amazon river.

Lead In: Hand out pictures of Ed, and ask the students to decide in pairs why they think he is famous. Then tell them why, and hand out the article.

Ideas: Pre teach some vocab, then have the students read through it, and answer the questions on the next page. For a higher level, you could give them a list of the more difficult words and they have to decide word type and write a short definition for it.

Extension; I had the students write out 10 questions to ask Ed about his trip, then they had to interview each other an pretend to be Ed. They could write this up as homework.

You can download my worksheet here: Amazonman

Let me know how it goes!

Latest developments: Channel 5 have produced a film about Ed’s adventures which is available on the demand 5 website. Here is a link to the video which might make a nice extension or a different medium to prestent the topic: http://www.channel5.com/shows/walking-the-amazon


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