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Next stop. CELTA!

After my interview, I was presented with a piece of paper which I had to “carefully read through, check you understand all the points, and sign at the bottom to say you agree”.

It basically stated that I had been told (repeatedly) about the stressful nature of the intensive 4 week CELTA course and I was still a willing participant. I was of sound mind and was fit and healthy enough to undertake the course.


There were 19 of us on day one. We only lost one the whole way through, which we were told was an achievement. On the previous course, three people had dropped out in the first week.

The four weeks which followed were filled with tears and tantrums, alcohol, laughs, lies, short fuses, alcohol, lesson plans, inappropriate gifts from students (the less said about those, the better), inuendo, jokes, (did I mention alcohol?), cammaraderie, friendships and fall outs.

They were the most interesting, intense, pragmatic and draining four weeks of my life. Theory classes in the morning were swiftly followed by teaching a class of willing guinea-pigs in the afternoons which in turn were followed with evenings of planning and assingments.

Sleep and a social life were things of the past.

But I loved every minute of it.


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