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Just a quick post about some activities I have come across when teaching adverbs of manner (ie, quickly, loudly, sexily, angrily, gingerly etc…)

1. Short Dialouges

Write on the board:

Give me the letter



-I love you


Then brainstorm/revise the adverbs of manner you have done in lessons. Write them on the board,

Put the students in pairs. Choose an adverb. They must now act out the short dialouges in the manner of the adverbs you have written on the board.

This activity will check and reinforce understanding, and will also get them out of the textbooks and having a bit of fun. The better the class know each other, the better the activity will be.

2. Cigarette Smoking

Brainstorm/revise the adverbs as above and write them on small slips of paper and put them in a hat.

Ask a student to come the front. Give him/her a pen and tell them it is a cigarette. They must choose an adverb and smoke the cigarette in that manner. The class must guess which adverb is it.

Silly fun for everyone.


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